January 15th, 2024: City of Tacoma’s MLK Jr. Day Celebration

by | Jan 15, 2024 | Events

In homage to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, “What Is Your Life’s Blueprint?” the MLK Jr. Day Celebration at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center titled their program, “A Community Blueprint: Building Unity Block by Block.” This event served not only as a tribute to Dr. King’s legacy but also as a call to action for the community to construct a shared foundation rooted in unity and progress.

PHA Clubhouse proudly supported the Community Outreach Fair before transitioning inside for Mayor Victoria Woodards’ Welcoming Ceremony, fostering unity. The Tracie L. Davis Choir uplifted with stirring performances. Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard delivered a compelling Keynote Address, urging the community to embrace Dr. King’s justice blueprint. Estella Rouse breathed life into “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” Awards honored Gloria Joy Kazuko Muhammad and Lisa Mathusz, highlighting community contributions. Diverse performances, including dance and music, showcased unity in diversity. Christian Paige and Sandra M. Allen added cultural richness. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves emphasized individual contributions. The event embodied “Building Unity Block by Block,” echoing Dr. King’s vision. This MLK Jr. Day Celebration forged a vibrant community tapestry, united in commitment to unity.