You can stop the stigma and isolation that make
mental health more challenging.

With your help, Clubhouse members get a safe, supportive space to live into their potential.

Three simple ways to help:

Give to Clubhouse

Your financial gift supports our programs and daily operations.

Volunteer with Clubhouse

Spend time helping Clubhouse.

Become a Partner

Your company, church, or community organizations can help with resources, financial support, or programs.

Mental health challenges don’t have to mean hopelessness and isolation.

Hear what some of our members say:

“My son encouraged me to come, get out of the house, and meet new people. I’ve helped make lunches for the homeless community, water the plants, play games, and craft activities. My favorite is watering the plants and tending the garden.”

Polly K, Clubhouse Member

“I started volunteering here at the beginning in September of 2020. It was so empowering for my mental health during the pandemic. Every week I knew that I could leave the house and interact with community. Preparing lunch with others, eating together and taking walks filled our day. We monitored the garden weekly and thrilled at the growth. We were also growing our emotional health at the same time.”

Verda, Clubhouse Coordinator

“I thought getting out of the house for an adventure and a free meal sounded like a good idea. At Clubhouse, I’ve made lunches for the homeless community, contributed to our newsletter, and made comics. My favorite is creating art and walking around. It’s helped me to have a place to go and something to look forward to.”

Joseph, Clubhouse Member

Everyone deserves to be valued and supported, regardless of mental health challenges.

You can help end the stigma and isolation associated with mental health challenges through volunteering, community partnerships, or financial support.