December 5th, 2023: 3rd Annual Holiday Celebration At Zoolights

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Events

PHA Clubhouse’s 3rd annual Zoolights Adventure at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium turned a rainy night into a magical celebration, proving that even the weather couldn’t dim the festive spirit. The event unfolded with members exploring a wonderland of holiday lights, encountering captivating displays that included human-sized butterfly wings and a giant bright green caterpillar cacoon, perfect for photo ops.

As the group ventured through the illuminated exhibits, they stumbled upon unexpected delights. The real penguins, tucked away in an unlit habitat, added an element of surprise. Their chit-chatting echoed mysteriously until members reached their exhibit, realizing the source of the enchanting sound.

Navigating through the zoo, members discovered that the aquarium was closed. However, the giant octopus display, practically enveloping the aquarium, showcased a spectacular sight. Despite the closure, the larger-than-life exhibit became a highlight of the Zoolights Adventure.

The rain persisted throughout the evening, but it failed to dampen the spirits of the PHA Clubhouse community. Sharing umbrellas and putting on hoods, members continued to revel in the festive atmosphere. The adventure concluded with hot chocolate and hot apple cider, fostering warmth and camaraderie. Gathered in the food court, conversations and laughter echoed, creating lasting memories of a night where unexpected delights and shared joy illuminated the rainy darkness. #Zoolights #PointDefianceZoo #PHAClubhouse #HolidayLights #TacomaWA