March 28th, 2024: Members’ Appreciation Day

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Members’ Appreciation Day at PHA Clubhouse

On Members’ Appreciation Day, PHA Clubhouse gathered to celebrate the achievements and contributions of its members. The event was marked by heartfelt speeches, fun activities, and a strong sense of camaraderie.

The day began with Verda expressing her gratitude for Jason and Joseph’s dedication in the kitchen, ensuring that everyone enjoyed nutritious meals. Awdia shared her inspiring journey of personal growth and accomplishments, while Cardie announced her acceptance to Tacoma Community College during her testimonial. Other staff members such as, Director Steve, Assistant Director Janice and Clubhouse Admin Anastasia also shared some of the many valuable contributions by members since they joined.

Participants enjoyed a lively game of BINGO along with surprise giveaways to the members, which added excitement and brought everyone together. Introductions of old and new members fostered a sense of unity and inclusion. Ana’s creative decorations added a vibrant touch to the venue, making the event even more special.

The celebration was sweetened by delicious cupcakes from the Birthday woman, Cupcake Business Owner and Clubhouse Member, Tonya, providing a delightful treat for all attendees. The day highlighted the strength and resilience of the PHA Clubhouse community, emphasizing the importance of support and connection in our members’ lives.

Members’ Appreciation Day was a testament to the incredible achievements and the strong bonds formed within our clubhouse. It was a day of pride, joy, and unity, celebrating the unique contributions of each member.