October 31st, 2023: Fall Festival

by | Oct 31, 2023 | Events

PHA Clubhouse Celebrates Fall with Community Engagement

On October 31st, PHA Clubhouse became a hub of excitement and creativity for the Fall Festival. The clubhouse was adorned with vibrant decorations, setting the perfect ambiance for a day of celebration. The event kicked off with lively music, welcoming all attendees. Everyone lined up for delicious pizza slices and indulged in sweet treats from candy stations scattered throughout the venue. Tonya, a Clubhouse member and the owner of her own business Mighty Good Sweets n Eats, added to the delight by providing mouthwatering cupcakes that were a hit among attendees.

Games and activities were in full swing. A crafting table, expertly set up by our talented member Cardie, became a focal point for artistic expression. Many attendees like Joseph and Jason immersed themselves in painting and creating unique works of art, adding a personal touch to the festivities. People gathered for the intense Jenga battle between Tonya and our staff member Anastasia and a fun round of corn hole between Patrice, Kaitlin, and the staff. What started as a friendly game quickly became a competitive showdown, drawing in onlookers and adding a layer of excitement to the festivities.

Overall, the Fall Festival was a huge success, bringing together our community in a joyous celebration of the season. It was a reminder of the power of teamwork and care that thrives at PHA Clubhouse.